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Laughing clouds' bellies

I stopped at the drug store at about 4:50 this afternoon and asked for my pills. They weren’t ready. Thirty minutes more.

Run another errand.

I drove south, then west and saw the singing sky, an opera of light. The sun had hidden behind horizon hills, but fat sunbeam fingers tickled the bottoms of the clouds. The laughing clouds’ bellies glowed pink. No, gold. Orange? Over there, violet. Purple? Shining spangles against a backdrop of gray. No, silver.

Silhouetted, tall maples’ branches stretched skyward. At the treetops, swarming starlings, perched or flocking in flight. Branches, birds, all black. Behind, the insistent sunset.

I stopped at the store and parked, closed the car door and stood, head tilted, drinking in the sky. How to describe? How to describe the brook trout, finned delicate technicolor treasure? How to describe the filament of the Milky Way? How to describe crocus, blue jay, breeze, joy, life?

Passerby jolts my reverie: “You looking at the sky?”


“It’s something. I just told my wife a camera couldn’t capture it.”

“I was just standing here trying to figure out how I could describe it,” I said. “And I can’t.”

I stepped into the store. I needed calendars. One a little book, 365 days, hours divided into quarters, appointment slots. The other big, flat, a tablecloth of time for the desk. Days. To-do lists. Structure. Schedule. Order.

I walked outside again. No laughing clouds. No unnameable colors. Sun. Set. Sullen. Dark. December.


Dec. 27th, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
And thank God the solstice is behind us.

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