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Botox and Woodrow Wilson's teeth

A long time ago I was watching an interview with Robert Redford. He was talking about people who seek a younger appearance by getting Botox injections. By doing so, he said, they were giving a little piece of their souls away. On the other hand, at least they appear to be unafraid of needles:
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I can see where people would disagree with Redford. I can't pretend to know their motivation, but having fewer wrinkles, less gray hair, more hair (or less, depending on the hair's location), firmer muscles, less fat, etc. is important to lots of people—that is, if television commercials and other advertisements are any indication.

Lose weight? Count me among the millions who want to. At least two of the meds I take each day list weight gain as a side effect, so I've been able to rationalize that I've been puffing up over the past couple of years like the GrafZeppelin.
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The increased strain on the scales, though, is nonstop—and I've finally admitted it's not due entirely to the meds. So now I'm trying to do something about it, before my arteries clog and bring on a terminal heart cramp. We'll see how it goes.

Although being overweight is a legitimate health concern, I can't see how a man's wanting more hair on the top of his head has anything to do with his health. Nor do I understand another practice involving a man's hair: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZYslSzPdTg

Granted, many of these turn-back-the-clock actions are to my eyes either barely noticeable or invisible. Or, to tell the truth, I just don't care about them. If a woman colors her hair to either change its hue or wash the gray away, I'm not likely to pay much attention unless her hair has gone from, say, an ash blond to limousine black. And even then, I'm not likely to care. I'm more interested in what's beneath the skull than what's on top of it. Unless it's a guy with a really, really bad toupee, which has the look-don't-look fascination of a car wreck.

But there is something I notice, regardless of gender or age: preternaturally white teeth. Teeth that gleam like Venus in the sunsetting sky. Teeth that you almost need sunglasses to look at. Teeth that seem brighter than the teeth we're born with.

Now, I'm not suggesting people have to live with historically bad-looking teeth:
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But it seems some people take the gleam thing a little too far ...
title or description
... even without the magnifying glass.

The way I see it, all of us will lose the battle against age. We may as well save our energy and resources for things that really matter—products that could, in fact, help us delay the onset of signs of aging.

Protective eyewear, for instance:
title or description


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Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:45 pm (UTC)
For some reason your posts never show the pictures on my friends page. So I always end up reading your posts twice. A treat both ways, I assure you.
Jan. 4th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jared. I didn't have much of an idea to work with today, so I had to fake it by adding some pictures and a video clip.
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